Attractions and Hotels in Canterbury

Canterbury, home of the famous 11th century cathedral and the memorable medieval setting of Geoffrey Chaucer’s highly acclaimed The Canterbury Tales. This historical place stood and saw through many a century of violence, murder, and religion—from the repeated ransacking of the Danes, the infamous assassination of St. Thomas of Canterbury, the dissolution of its monasteries and, lastly, to being the targeted place of the Nazi Baedeker Raids. Canterbury despite all those centuries of turbulence, the place now stands as the religious capital of Britain, and the home to one of Britain's Unesco World Heritage Sites, namely the remarkable Canterbury Cathedral, St. Martin’s Church, and the famous Ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey—the latter being Geoffrey Chaucer’s inspiration for his classic re-enactment of the medieval pilgrims and their journey to the shrine where Thomas a Becket was assassinated.

With all that history clumped up in a place enfolded in by three medieval city walls, Canterbury has been a go-to tourist site for history buffs, religious pilgrims and families all over the world for not only years, but centuries. Of course, seeing the protected heritage sites of Canterbury isn’t only the attractions to be found there.

Aside from the Canterbury Cathedral, the St. Martin’s Church and St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury also offers attractions like The Weaver Houses, reconverted houses that were once home to the Huguenot refugees who went to Canterbury to escape prosecution from the Catholics in Flanders and brought wealth back to Canterbury through their weaving. The Ducking Stool, once used to test witches of their witchcraft, can also be seen in Canterbury.

Museums like the Roman Museum, The Royal Museum and Art Gallery, and the Museum of Canterbury, the West Gate Towers and the Eastbridge Hospital of St. Thomas a Martyr are also one of the major tourist destinations. For other entertainments, the Marlowe Theatre, one of the biggest theatres around, can also be found in Canterbury. Tourists can also avail different tours like walking tours, historic river tours, punting trips, and old fashioned carriage rides.  

Since Canterbury is one of the tourist destinations around, it will never be found wanting of accommodations and hotels. Hundreds of years have prepared Canterbury for that. Below are some of the best hotels Canterbury has to offer.

  • The Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, one of the finest hotels in Canterbury and offer great views of the Cathedral.  The hotel itself is owned by and situated in the grounds of the Cathedral.
  • Howfield Manor is a fifteen bedroom hotel near Canterbury that offers quality accommodations. It is close to Dover and close enough to London.
  • The Victoria Hotel a charming individual hotel and restaurant. Set near the heart of Canterbury, it provides modern facilities and spacious accommodations and free wifi to suit the needs of its clientele.
  • Pilgrims Hotel is a family run hotel set in the heart of Canterbury’s City Centre, directly opposite the Marlowe Theatre, with modern comforts and boasts friendly service.
  • Woolpack Inn, an inn in Canterbury that has its own resident ghost, the Grey Lady. The inn is 600 years old and is near Chilham’s old village square, one of the most picturesque villages in the area.

So if you are looking for a Canterbury hotel, be sure to give any of the above your consideration when staying in this beautiful kent city.